Saturday, July 18, 2015

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Friday, July 17, 2015


 Emphasising science over stoners

Cannabis information website Leafly's full-page ad in the New York Times broke new ground by being the newspaper's first-ever marijuana advertisement. The ad focuses on addressing the way medical marijuana can help treat several medical conditions, utilising Periodic Table-style cells to emphasise science rather than stoners, plus the prominent 'Just Say Know' tagline.

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Queen Bee Salon and Spa

We couldn't agree more...

It wasn't just the obvious products and services that took advantage of Valentine's Day. This amusing campaign, created for the Queen Bee Salon & Spa by LA agency Hanlon, draws on self-image paranoia masterfully. The slightly ruder part of the campaign can be seen here.

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Proximity Madrid

Drawing attention to gender inequality

"This campaign was designed to inform rather than to judge," explain advertising agency Proximity. "We wanted to draw the advertising community's attention to gender inequality among male and female jurors at Advertising Festivals."

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A clever print campaign for Bic's Wite-Out product

The idea behind using Wite-Out is to fix things. The campaign showed Bic Wite-Out correcting societal problems that are faced in Kenya: crime, poor infrastructure, poverty, lack of education etc. This series of print ads was created by Kenyan agency Flametree.

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Cannes Lions

Poking fun at the stock imagery models

Cannes Lions is the world's biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry, and 'You'll come back as pumped as a stock photo model' was the tongue-in-cheek campaign to promote it. Showing a real understanding of the audience, London agency McCann hit the nail on the head with this series.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cyclists awareness

A thought-provoking print ad from Brazilian agency Heads Propaganda

"Every day, more and more cyclists are being killed in Brazilian streets and roads. Let's respect the cyclists. Let's stop hunting." That's what this print ad from Heads Propaganda in Brazil aimed to promote and we think they did a great job. Striking and immediately thought-provoking, it's a triumph of a print ad design.

Source :

Drunk Superheroes

Even the most confident of characters can fall victim to drunk-driving

Drunk-driving is an ongoing issue across the world and these print ads served a poignant reminder of its repercussions. Created by Tribu DDB Honduras for Volkswagen, they depicted superheroes in a post-drunk-driving state with the tag line 'Don't Let Your Ego Drive You,'. A stark reminder that drunk-driving can cause devastation to even the most confident of characters.

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An adorable print ad to promote early booking discounts

A cute and colourful print ad to promote SNCM cruises, with the tag line 'this summer, nothing will stop your kids to travel to Corsica'. It came from a range of three print ads created by French advertising agency Change, showing a range of toys trying to stop the children from leaving home.

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Brinox knives

Intricate and inventive

Created by Brazilian designer Andre Blanco, the ads for a range of knives played cleverly with the idea of the food chain. We loved the way Blanco each animal in the clutches of another, seamlessly bringing together the advertisement in a gorgeous and creative way. Take a look at the rest of the series and be blown away.

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Big Bay Brewing Company

A typographic treat

We loved this print ad from advertising agency HY Connect, mainly for the typographic execution. Showcasing a beach hut style background, it certainly portrays the kind of laid-back style the brand would like to be associated with.

Source :

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

El Universo

A nice treatment of the familiar location symbol

Ecuadorian agency Koenig & Partners created this print ad for daily newspaper El Universo's campaign promoting its new training course, 'The ABC of Entrepreneurship'. With the tagline 'Place your business on the map', utilising the familiar location symbol was perhaps not the most original idea but the execution was charming.

Source :


The treats 'control' the dog in this fun print ad for Pedigree

A fun take on our ever-growing love of gaming, this fun print ad from AlmapBBDO in Brazil for Pedigree saw the treats 'controlling' the dog to be on its best behaviour. A great execution of a fun idea.

Source :

Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services

Simple, but super-effective
This super simple but super-effective advertisement from the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services was a good example of 'less is more.' Using a cute character design, Idea Studio in Canada made sure the message gets across.

Source :

Roca - Every wasted drop is a crime against nature

This eye-catching ad instantly grabbed our attention

With a tag line like 'every wasted drop is a crime against nature,' this print ad grabbed our attention. Created by Havas Worldwide Muscat to raise public awareness on the occasion of World Water Day, the drops were expertly put together to mimic a set of cuffs.

Source :

Helvetica Documentary ( 2007)

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. The film is an exploration of urban spaces in major cities and the type that inhabits them, and a fluid discussion with renowned designers about their work, the creative process, and the choices and aesthetics behind their use of type.

Monday, July 13, 2015


Digital meets print in an unexpected way

With a tag line "Roadside assistance on your phone", the team at advertising agency BIEDERMANN did a superb job of playing on the idea of a smartphone interface in a print setting.

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In addition to Scrabble, Monopoly is another board game that has had numerous print advertisements throughout the years since its initial release in 1923. This print advertising campaign is designed for those who already know the board game fairly well and for those who do, this campaign works extremely well. The design plays on the games construction, with the red hotels opening up the readers imagination. It was incredibly important to ensure that the same colour was used throughout the entire page so that the clothes of those in the picture could highlight the intensity of the red.

Source :


Pen giant, Sharpie, have produced some fantastic print advertisement designs over the years and kept up with the design trends galore. Draftfcb, an agency based in Brazil, creates these clever print advertisements with the sole tagline being “One Story. Two Points”. In the advertisement, Sharpie shows the two sides of the success of Facebook. 

Source :

Scrabble Squirrel “The Surprising Power of Words”

Scrabble has been around for decades and it’s had its fair share of advertisements. However, this piece offered the tagline of “the surprising power of words” and the playful illustration of a rather large squirrel chasing a rather small fox. In the game, the word squirrel would receive more points than the word fox, which explains the idea behind the advertisement. It’s all word play! Find more great scrabble ads here.

Source :

B&B Hotels “Bacon”

German advertisement agency, Publicis, worked on this master piece to promote bed and breakfast hotels, which is a piece you should certainly feast your eyes on. Engaging the reader with quirky manipulation, it takes a while for the art direction to really sink in but once its apparent, you’ll instantly fall in love with it. The rest of the series features a simple cheese sandwich and sausages on toast.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wacom “Creativity has no boundaries”

Wacom designed a creative print advertisement to showcase and promote their latest tablet design, Bamboo, under the tagline “Creativity has no boundaries”. Wacom’s art director and illustrator, Maria Molina, created a series of three illustrations each featuring various designer tools with a twist; in this instance it features a pair of scissors and a magnifying glass. With minimalist styling at heart, with minimal typography, bright colours and simple graphics at heart, this campaign works perfectly.

Source :

The Guardian “The Whole Picture”

UK newspaper brand, The Guardian, commissioned London based BBH to create this eye-catching pie. The pie attempts to convey the message to their audience that they receive the full story. The advertisement is clean and is cleverly designed to convey its message. Incorporating The Guardian’s colour scheme into the design, with the use of the purple background, the lowercase g and branding located at the bottom, the piece features a simple pie chart with the legend, ‘the whole picture’ next to each key.


McDonalds “Whole Potato”

Leading fast food restaurant, McDonalds, teamed up with Shanghai’s TBWA to create another new and innovative advertisement to convey their latest offering to their customers. This time, the advertisement collection features a box of fries, carved directly out of the very ingredient from which they are made.

Source :

Volkswagen “Car Key”

To convey the message across to their potential customers that they could be getting 620 miles out a single tank of fuel with their Amarok range, ad agency Below, developed a series of print advertisements to invite people to turn on to adventure. The creative concept, features three images with the groves of the car keys shaped to appear like a city, safari and mountain landscape.

Source :

Fanta - The World's First Tastable Print AD!

The new Fanta campaign boasts the title as the first tastable print advertisement. This means that you tear a piece of their advertisement and place it in your mouth. Of course, you can do that with any advertisement but this once tastes like oranges, similar to their signature soft drink. The advertisement, created by OgilvyOne in Dubai, reads, “Like a burst of sunshine through a cool wisp of wind, it’s sweet and tangy, surprising and juicy. It tickles like a delicious secret that you cannot bear to share”. You can see how it all works in the following video: 

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Ikea - Happy Valentines Day

Ikea chairs got their groove on for Valentine's

February is Valentine's month, but how to celebrate without indulging in cliche and alienating the unattached half of the population? This tongue-in-cheek campaign for furniture retailer Ikea by BBH Singapore took a simple but brilliant idea and used it to raise a smile from people on both sides of the divide.

 Source :


A great example of the maxim "Show, don't tell"

It's a classic recipe for a successful print advertising campaign - a double-edged phrase and a series of quirky images that bring the alternative meaning to life. This campaign for Lego by French agency Grey Paris played on the slogan 'Creativity forgives everything' with a series of scenes of young scamps misbehaving.

Source :

Jardiland Garden Centre

Rex the dog was feeling a little 'ruff' before he lost all the weight

Parisian advertising agency Rosapark certainly got their day with this brilliant print ad showcasing a lighter option for pet food. Turning the tradition of weight loss advertising on its head, this hilarious print ad had us smiling from ear to ear.

Source :


Who doesn't like a fire-breathing penguin?

How to best convey that the GE Cafe Refrigerator can serve hot water as well as cold? With a fire-breathing penguin of course! Need we say more? This beautifully effective print campaign was created by BBDO Canada.

Source :

Sebo Museu Do Livro

Movies always manage to miss the important bits out

We all get a little tense when a movie adaptation is made of one of our favourite books. Characters, plots and environments are often tampered with - and this brilliant print ad from Brazilian advertising agency RockerHeads perfectly captured this sense of dread with their tagline: 'A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie'.

Source :

Origin Coffee

The rooster coffee beans work perfectly with the 'Instantly Awake' tag line

The coffee beans were in the shape of roosters in this great campaign created by South African advertising agency Joe Public for Origin coffee. There were three advertisements in total, the others featuring screaming babies and alarm clocks, all conveying the 'Instantly Awake' tag line perfectly.

Source :

Frescura Bucal

A fishy print ad for a breath freshener

There was something fishy happening in this print ad from Ogilvy & Mather. A brilliant execution of the tagline 'Remember the night, not the dinner, this ad promotes the breath freshener Menta via some seriously impressive 3D work.

Source :


Is this the world's slimmest print ad?
Few print campaigns give much thought to the print products the ads will actually appear in. Here's one that did.

When M&C Saatchi Stockholm were asked to promote LG Electronics' new curved OLED-TV they noted that it was 4mm thin - the same width as the most-read tech magazine in the Nordics, Sound & Vision. The agency cleverly capitalised on the coincidence, using the magazine spine as a unique media placement - creating what they've called 'The World's Slimmest Ad' for 'The World's Slimmest OLED-TV'.

Source :

Drunk superheroes

 Even the most confident of characters can fall victim to drunk-driving

Drunk-driving is an ongoing issue across the world and these print ads served a poignant reminder of its repercussions. Created by Tribu DDB Honduras for Volkswagen, they depicted superheroes in a post-drunk-driving state with the tag line 'Don't Let Your Ego Drive You,'. A stark reminder that drunk-driving can cause devastation to even the most confident of characters.

Source :

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Saatchi’s recruitment ad shows what ads would look like without copywriters and art directors

The Colombo office of Saatchi & Saatchi has launched a recruitment campaign that to show the value of copywriters and art directors.

The ad features a stamp used by agencies to approve artwork before it is published. In the ad (shown below in full), the positions of copywriter and art director are left blank. An email address runs at the bottom of the ad.

“If people can imagine their signatures on the form, it’s the first step to being able to see themselves as part of our team,” said Carlos Anuncibay, the new ECD of Saatchi & Saatchi Sri Lanka.

“A lot of recruitment today is done online, and though it is a great way to reach potential candidates, we wanted to attract creative people who really understand and appreciate the art of a beautifully executed idea,” he said.

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